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Business Litigation Experience + Execution

We have repeatedly prevailed for our clients as both plaintiffs and defendants, despite entrenched opposition from billionaires, Fortune 500 corporations, and Am Law 100 law firms.
Business Disputes

From claims between business to claims within businesses, we have extensive experience litigating breach of contract, fiduciary duty, and complex statutory claims. We have prevailed at trial in minority shareholder oppression claims, executive squeeze-outs, breach of contract, civil theft, piercing the corporate veil, fraudulent misrepresentation, and civil conspiracy.

View our Litigation Checklist. We have developed a comprehensive knowledge management platform and litigation system to improve both efficiency and effectiveness. Our open-source approach to litigation knowledge management allows us to directly challenge Am Law 100 firms - and prevail.

Crisis Management

We help fix problems for our clients beyond pure litigation: we have located key records on Cuba's Isla de la Juventud, advised on K&R response after an offshore platform attack in Nigeria, coordinated white-hat network intrusion and forensic imaging, and even assisted in a joint Italian Carabinieri/Vatican Police investigation for a client. We can leverage a diverse network of contacts on behalf of our clients that rivals far larger firms.

Privacy Policy

As a law firm regulated by the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct, any and all information you send to or communicate to us about an actual or prospective engagement or representation is strictly protected by the Attorney-Client Privilege, and we will not share or disclose your information to anyone without your permission.


Alter Ego / Veil-Piercing

Does an LLC or corporation really protect individual owners? Very few attorneys have litigated alter ego and piercing-the-corporate-veil cases as frequently as Vail Law.

We have repeatedly prevailed as plaintiff and defendant on alter ego, veil-piercing, and reverse veil-piercing claims. Read our article on Reverse and Horizontal Veil-Piercing.

Legal Technology

Vail Law provides clients with a best-in-class technology platform. We leverage off-the-shelf systems for efficiency and simplicity where appropriate. But we also have in-house systems fluency to rival Magic Circle firms. See a genetic algorithm we wrote from scratch in Python to address a client's massive search challenge.


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