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Vail Law Wins $2 Million Judgment in Quizno's Franchise Trial

When our client was forced out of a franchise agreement with Quizno's, we filed claims for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, and minority oppression in the City & County of Denver District Court against the three Quizno's parent entities (QCE Finance LLC, The Quizno's Master LLC, and QFA Royalties LLC). We asserted alter ego claims against these three entities to prevent Quizno's from using their claimed separateness as a tool to defeat our client's claims.

Quizno's was represented by Am Law 50 firm Perkins Coie, and they threw their full weight into their clients' defense. Vail Law won--not only obtaining a $2 million judgment at trial on the underlying claims and obtaining an alter ego finding holding all Quizno's entities liable, but also defeating Quizno's claims of attorney-client privilege and accountant-client privilege (including an appeal to the Colorado Supreme Court), and thereby obtaining the key evidence needed to prevail at trial.

Jeff Vail is the founder of Vail Law LLC in Greenwood Village, Colorado. He has extensive experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in all types of business litigation, including alter ego and veil-piercing claims, breach of fiduciary duty claims, breach of contract claims, fraud and fraudulent concealment claims, and fraudulent transfer claims. Contact us at (303) 600-3730 or

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