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Vail Law's 'Business Risks' Subscription Plan

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Contact us or email Vail Law at today to sign up, and we'll contact you immediately to schedule the start of your legal risk audit. At just $399/mo (Pay Now with credit card, no commitment, cancel with 30-day written notice), it's the smartest legal bill you'll ever pay.

Vail Law's 'Business Risks' Subscription includes:

  1. Initial evaluation and legal risk audit (4+ hours of review, inspection, written report and legal risk mitigation plan including contracts, legal disputes, collection & payment issues, leases, insurance coverage, premises inspection, website legal review, sales process review, employee legal review, intellectual property review, business formation review, and development of an ongoing legal compliance checklist);

  2. One hour of included telephone and/or email consultations (combined) monthly;

  3. One hour of document drafting included monthly (usually sufficient to review, revise, customize, or draft one or more standard contracts, employment agreements, LLC agreements, etc. each month—and these hours accrue every month you don’t use them, so they’re available for larger projects as necessary);

“The amount of time, money, and headaches businesses save by taking a proactive approach to managing legal risk is enormous. Especially in challenging economic times, cutting corners on managing legal exposure is extremely dangerous, as potential plaintiffs are highly motivated to bring every minor lawsuits – each of which can cost tens of thousands of dollars to defend, even if you win. Knowing that you have a lawyer on retainer to review contracts, evaluate and help shift risks in your favor, answer questions, and take whatever action is necessary protects your business and gives you peace of mind.”

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