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Legal Technology, Research, and AI

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

At Vail Law, we maximize both effectiveness and efficiency for our clients through appropriate use of technology.

CaseText Legal Research Platform

For legal research, we use the cutting-edge CaseText CARA A.I. platform to provide full access to case law, briefs, statutes, and rules nationwide for drafting briefs. Their CARA A.I. platform also analyzes drafts of briefs, automatically identifies and recommends additional and updated authority, and utilizes natural language search to quickly zero in on the key legal issues in the case. Having used both LexisNexis and Westlaw Next/Edge services in the past, CaseText is a far superior system. We believe it makes us more efficient in our legal research and writing, and we put our money where our mouth is: we never charge clients for online legal research because we know we are using the most efficient systems available.

We also use the Compose system, normally only available to AM Law 100 and Magic Circle Firms, for fully AI-driven document automation. It literally assembles the first draft of a legal brief based on topic, jurisdiction, and selected arguments to make--and then permits bespoke customization for each individual case.

Our technology is not limited merely to legal research systems. Beyond operating a truly paperless office, as a former electronic-warfare intelligence officer our lead attorney Jeff Vail is fluent in a wide range of technology-applied research and investigation methods. We've used custom commercial satellite imagery to assist clients, as well as drone footage, encrypted messaging and file handling (including TOR/Tails), and even written a custom genetic search algorithm in-house in Python 3 - see a glimpse of our proprietary Ninewells platform here:

We also leverage an open-source knowledge management platform with out Litigation and Legal Risk Management Checklist. Whatever the need, our technology compliments and amplifies our legal skills to provide optimal service and results to our clients. Contact us to discuss your case today.

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